NeedleBay – The Revolutionary Insulin System

Did you know more than 30% of people with diabetes will miss their injections or take double the dose of insulin by mistake? When we all lead such busy lives it’s all too easy to get mixed up with our medication.

Working closely with diabetics, NeedleBay have designed a revolutionary new medication system to make the daily routine of taking your insulin much easier and much safer. Continue reading

Vaseline – The Number One Beauty Weapon!

I guarantee everyone has at least one pot of Vaseline hanging around their home somewhere! Some may just have a tub and then a little tin or two – some may have an abundance of them! On my last count I had around 6 little pots of Vaseline, I found a plethora of different varieties from the original Vaseline to the Limited Edition Red Lip Tint, I found them in handbags, make up bags, drawers, coat pockets, shoes, saucepans… ok the last two may have been a bit of an exaggeration but you get the gist! Continue reading


GOPO – Blast Away the Pain of Arthritis with New Wonder Drug

The all new GOPO pill with rose-hip extract could slash the pain of arthritis by 90%, according to human trials.

GOPO, named after a key ingredient in the plant, has just been made available for the first time in the UK. Rose-hip extract possesses very special properties that can alleviate the pain associated with arthritis, particularly in the hand, stiffness in the fingers and thumb joints. Continue reading


Top 3 Hand Creams Chosen By Us!

Jack Frost has most definitely started making an appearance this week! The team here at Mistrys have been digging out our hats, scarves and gloves in preparation for the frosty walk to work! And if you’re anything like us you may have noticed your hands have been a little bit dry, but lucky for us we have our hand cream at the ready!

We have lots for you to choose from, online and in store and we’ve handpicked some of the team’s favorites and narrowed it down to a top 3! Continue reading


Inecto Pure Argan Shampoo/Conditioner

Inecto have brought out a new “Pure Argan” Shampoo and “Pure Argan” Conditioner.

Inecto Pure Coconut Shampoo and Inecto Pure Coconut Conditioner are two of our best sellers.These new additions are going to give them a run for their money!

The main ingredient is Moroccan Argan Oil which is known in the trade as “liquid Gold”. A rich nourishing oil which is renowned for its moisturising and hair enhancing properties. Continue reading