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Nicotine Lozenges

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This selection of nicotine lozenges includes products from leading brand NiQuitin, which are popular amongst those trying to quit their smoking habit as these stop smoking lozenges are not only designed to stop cravings for smoking, but also hunger cravings. As smokers trying to quit usually have a change in appetite when stopping, the nicotine lozenges help to control your weight too so you can reduce the temptation to smoke again. As the stop smoking lozenges stay in the mouth for around 30 minutes, the cravings are reduced, helping you to keep the weight off.

Stop smoking lozenges come in different pack sizes, flavours and nicotine strengths so you can choose which product is best for you, based on the stage you're at in your attempt to quit smoking. If you're unsure about which stop smoking lozenges to buy, you can consult your doctor who will be able to help you decide as well as provide any advice on nicotine products.

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