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Infant & Baby

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  • Camilia Oral Solution


    Camilia Oral Solution ...


  • Optibac Probiotics for Women & Children 30 Sachets

    Pro biotic

    Optibac Probiotics for Women & Children...


  • Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits


    Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits...


  • Energivit Specialised Formula Food 400g


    Energivit Specialised Formula Food 400g...


  • Similac High Energy Infant Formula 200ml


    Similac High Energy Infant Formula 200ml...


  • Caprilon Specialised Formula Food 420g


    Caprilon Specialised Formula Food 420g...


  • Galactomin 19 Specialised Formula Food 400g

    Galactomin 19

    Galactomin 19 Specialised Formula Food 400g...


  • Nutramigen 1 Hypo-allergenic Formula 400g


    Nutramigen 1 Hypo-allergenic Formula 400g...


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An infant or baby is the very young offspring of humans. A newborn is an infant who is within hours, days, or up to a few weeks from birth. In medical contexts, newborn or neonate (from Latin, neonatus, newborn) refers to an infant in the first 28 days after birth. The term "newborn" includes premature infants, postmature infants and full term newborns. The term infant is derived from the Latin word infans, meaning "unable to speak" or "speechless." "Infant" is also a legal term referring to any child under the age of legal adulthood. Infants cry as a form of basic instinctive communication. A crying infant may be trying to express a variety of feelings including hunger, discomfort, overstimulation, boredom, wanting something, or loneliness.

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