Eyeliner is used to highlight the eyes and can be used along the edge of the bottom or top eyelid to make them stand out more. Eye liner products vary in colour with popular choices being black, brown and navy. Choosing which form of eyeliner to use can depend on preferences of how eyeliner is applied to eyelids, how it looks and how it lasts throughout the day. Liquid eyeliner is usually darker, thicker, smoother and more precise in appearance, whilst eyeliner pencil is better for creating smokey or softer eyes. Liquid eyeliner usually has a small brush tip to paint the make up onto your eyelids, but there are also eyeliner pens which have a soft felt tip. Like waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner is often used as it lasts longer and stays on even when in contact with moisture from the eyes. Lancome have a great range of waterproof eyeliner products and mascaras which compliment each other nicely. Also have a look for a nice eyeshadow palette with similar colour tones.

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