Argania Spinosa – Argan Oil shampoo

Argania Spinosa range

We Have a new, exciting, haircare range! Last year it was all about the Keratin but this year Argan Oil has taken over the Hair world!

Great Value for money, as you don’t need much, this product is possibly the best Argan Oil range I have come across.

The company keep things simple with a “if it works then don’t fix it” attitude oh and it really does work! 1. type of shampoo. 1 type of conditioner. 1 hair mask. 1heat protecting spray. 1 Argan oil treatment oil and 1 curl and volume mist! Done! What more do you need? I used the Hair mask last night and it has done wonders for my hair! So soft and manageable and the dryness has gone. With the weather changing out hair changes too so get ahead and start looking after it now in time for christmas parties!

People have been questioning the price however I disagree! £6 for a bottle of shampoo does seem a bit high but if you break it down it really isnt that bad! As I said earlier, you don’t need that much! so lets say you get 12 washes out of the bottle. Thats only 50p per shampoo! You would pay more than that for a treatment at the salon and you still wouldn’t get the luxury of hopping straight out of the shower, into your jammies to snuggle down to watch your favourite tv program!

All I am saying is try it! Start with the Hair mask like I did and go from there. You won’t regret it!

Batiste Non Aerosol Dry Shampoo!

Festival hair is notorious for being “au naturale!”. But how can you stop it from getting greasy?

There are several dry shampoo products on the market and some can be quite pricey. To be honest they all do pretty much the same thing!

Not wanting to pay for a big brand? Then we have the answer!  Not wanting to harm the environment? Then, again, we have the answer!

Batiste Non Aerosol Dry shampoo! It is fragrance free and we are one of the cheapest places to sell it! At a bargain £1.19 you can party until your heart’s content without having any guilt towards your bank balance or the environment!

Batiste Aerosol free dry shampoo is completely fragrance free, small to fit in your bag and easy to use. If you plan on going to several Festivals this summer then i would stock up if i were you!


We can now send Perfumes and fragrances to Selected EU Countries!

We Have BIG News here at Mistrys. We have collaborated with DPD courier service so we can now send Perfumes, Aerosols and nail varnishes to Selected EU countries for fantastic rates.

Back in February Royal mail changed their laws for commercial businesses regarding sending “dangerous goods” abroad. This includes Aerosols, Perfumes, Nail varnishes and anything with a flame symbol on it. This obviously made it awkward for us to send but most importantly our overseas customers could no longer get fragrances etc sent to them. DPD have now offered us a road service so we can send perfumes to some EU countries for a great price. Bellow I have listed the countries we can send Perfumes, Fragrances and Aerosols too.

Do you have a family member who lives in Europe who you want to send a gift too but can’t? Or does a loved one who lives in Europe unable to buy their favourite perfume now? Tell them about Mistrys Online Pharmacy!

List of all EU countries we can send flamable products too –


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Greece (excluding Cyprus)
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Mainland Spain NOT the islands
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden


  • France


  • Germany

The delivery times to these countries vary very slightly but are all delivered within 1 week! Great service from DPD.

Coconut Oil – The Perfect Ingredient for Your Hair

When it comes to our hair we all want it to look perfect and will do anything to avoid those bad hair days! We all want shiny, frizz free hair but with all the products available it’s difficult to know which one is best for your hair. Coconut oil hair products could be the ideal answer for you, it’s proven to be very effective if used as part of your hair care regime.

Coconut oil can restore natural moisture; it’s strong enough to penetrate through the layers of hair strands, keeping protein locked in and helping your hair regain its natural oil, leaving you with healthy, shiny hair.

Coconut oil is not only great for providing your hair with that much needed moisture it can also help alleviate dandruff problems as well as promoting hair growth. It’s also an excellent product for your skin, it can help lock in that essential moisture as well as keeping your skin looking firm and healthy.

Here at Mistrys Pharmacy we have a wide range of coconut products including our Inecto range, where you can find everything from Pure Coconut Oil Conditioner and shower cream to body lotions and facial scrubs.

Spring is finally upon us but with the cold winter weather still very much here, your hair and skin could really benefit from a little extra moisturising treatment. If coconut oil isn’t a part of your daily beauty regime it may well be worth giving it a try. Coconut oil is an inexpensive yet highly effective way of keeping your hair and skin looking its best.

Yardley for men

Sometimes you can’t do any better than a reliable traditional product. Yardley have been an active range since 1770 and have never failed to deliever in all their great goods. They are best known for their soaps but they do have other targets such as haircare. One of their most successful and appreciated items would have to be the English Lavender Brilliantine for men.

This old fashioned remedy is a perfect pomade that is excellent for shaping your hair whilst applying a special shine, not to be mistaken for grease. The warm scent of lavender is welcomed greatly and you just can’t seem to get enough of it! The packaging and solution have never changed and have stuck to their roots and is still made in England to this very day!

It only requires a thin layer to be applied to your head but overuse can result in a greasy appearence. It’s not itchy at all and is very comfortable to use. Many customers have commented on how it appears to last for a long period of time and say people who aren’t sampling it’s delights are missing out on a great deal!

Argan Oil

Sales for Argan Oil products have been going crazy! This organic ingredient is becoming more and more well known for it’s ability to nourish hair, enhance a woman’s beauty and give a general sense of well being. So we’ve deemed it necessary to introduce a riveting new range and we have a feeling that Argan Sublime is going to be a big hit with it’s added bit of luxury.

The Argan Oil Shampoo is perfect for all hair types, being free of sulphate and is designed to create silky, healthy hair. Key point to watch out for is to apply generously to wet hair to get the fullest effect. The seducing unique aroma is an added bonus too.

If it’s salon standard quality that you’re after then look no further than the Argan Oil Elixir! Be warned though, this product requires constant daily use to revitalise your hair. If you’re looking to soften your hair, then apply before shampoo to receive complete nourishment. To keep frizz at bay, use this product before you blow dry or if you’re looking to heal split ends then apply after blow drying which will enhance your shine as well!

The Argan Oil Mask is just the ticket give your hair the treatment that it truly deserves. It’s traditional and ancient recipe uses Mica Golden Crystals restores hair and has an exquisite creamy texture that you are bound to fall in love with.

Vitapointe Leave in Conditioner

Dry hair. You hate. I hate it. We all hate it! But what can be done to solve this seemingly unsolvable issue? Never fear, Vitapointe is here!

This range has been one of the public’s most favourable conditioners for many years now, not surprising with the top quality that comes with this impeccable item! It’s suitable for all hair types but is understandably more suited for dry and dull hair.

It is more advisable to use this subtle solution when your hair is dry with a pearl-sized amount yet you can apply it with wet hair just as long as the quantity to reduced to the size of a pea. Most people tend to apply at specific dry spots, specifically at the ends of hair instead of the roots. Once applied, gently brush through your healthier looking hair giving you a more luscious look.

All the sophisticated ladies seem to love Vitapointe but it also seems that the modern day woman seems to have been captivated by how manageable it makes hair.

Festival Favourites

Festival season is here! Time for weekends of tents, mud, music and strictly no showers! Just because your in a field for a weekend doesn’t mean you have to look like you are! If you want to stay fresh faced like festival fashionista PIXIE LOTT then have a read of our top festival must haves to keep you looking your best!

For fresh looking hair we couldn’t recommend anything better than Batiste dry shampoos! With a variety of choices to keep your hair looking its best including dry shampoo’s designed specifically for lighter or darker hair shades. Our festival favourite is Batiste Cherry, smells delicious and is guarenteed to give you that just washed look!
Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser 125ml

After a weekend of partying it can be easy to lose your skincare routine! Keep your skin clean and clear with simple wipes! Fragrance free and kind to skin they remove all traces of makeup and leave your skin healthy. To keep your skin smooth and moisturised we recommend Simple Light hydrating moisturiser, it contains active ingredients Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, is easily absorbed and can be a great base for makeup!

With unpredictable English weather we never know if its going to rain or shine! Make sure you pack a reliable Sun lotion just in case the sun does decide to come out! Nivea Suncare Spray SPF30 provides long lasting moisture and protection and is also water resistant!

With thousands of people crowding in tight packed tents, festivals may be fun but certainly not the most hygienic of places! Make sure you fight off germs and bacteria with a good antibacterial gel like Cuticura Citrus hand hygiene gel. Not only will it keep you germ free but it smells citrus sweet too!

Make sure you have a good anti-perspirant like Dove go fresh grapefruit and lemongrass to keep you smelling and feeling good!

Listerine teeth and gum defence will keep your mouth healthy and minty fresh!

Look festival fabulous at all times, rain or shine with a good waterproof mascara, try Lancome Hypnose Doll eyes waterproof mascara in So Black! If you want volumized, extended fuller lashes and not have to worry about your mascara running into the night then this belongs in your festival make up bag!

Keep your lips moisturised and puckered with chapstick ultimate lip kit, with three of your favourite chapstick flavours to choose from keeping your lips lucious and soft! We love the cute little tin they come in too!

Just remember your three T’s…toiletries, ticket and tent!

Schwarzkopf got2b Hair straightening Kit

Schwarzkopf got2b play it straight Straightening Blow Dry Kit


Fed up with straightening your hair every day? Don’t those little fly away bits get so irritating! Have you tried Got2b Play it straight? YOU SHOULD! It is easy to use and you don’t even have to go to the salon! AND it’s a Bargain! definitely worth a try.

This 2 step D.I.Y straightening blow dry kit allows you to take smoothness to a whole new level and lasts for upto 10 washes.

The ingredient which everyone is talking about at the moment it keratin and guess what? This contains it too! It leaves your hair glossy and controlled and better still can be used on curly, wavey, frizzy or just plain unruly hair!

What are you waiting for?  Give Got2b play it straight a try today!

Keratin – The Miracle Treatment

Have you ever wondered how celebrities keep their hair in such good condition, even after all the colouring and styling? Over colouring and using heated stylers on your hair can leave you with dry and brittle hair, no matter how much conditioner and treatments you use nothing seems to have a lasting effect or actually repair the hair.  Keratin treatments are quickly becoming popular not only in professional salons but there are now a wide range of keratin treatments you can use yourself at home to get your hair back into healthy condition with lusterous shine again.

What is Keratin?
Keratin is actually a protein in our own hair that adds strength. A Keratin treatment usually consists of a chemical which creates a long lasting smoothing effect, a conditioner and keratin protein.

How is Keratin used?
Keratin is used a variety of different ways, not only in hair strengthening treatments but also in daily shampoos/conditioners and styling products. Many salons now offer Keratin treatments for after colouring or if you go in with damaged hair, in which case you will be given the treatment and will wait in the salon for the process. Keratin treatments are generally a lot cheaper to buy and do yourself in the comfort of your own home and there is no difference in the results you will see if you are using a genuine keratin product. Keratin can also be used on a variety of hair textures.

Recently one of our most popular products we have seen flying off the shelves is the Organix range, which offers a variety of products with Brazillian Keratin including straightening and anti breakage solutions in shampoos, conditioners and treatments at an affordable price! Click on the picture below to view the Brazilian Keratin range of products.