Lancôme Energie De Vie


There is one big buzz in the beauty world, raving about the Énergie De Vie range, a new skincare line from Lancôme. Inspired by Asian beauty rituals and their love for lightweight textures, it takes hydration to another level.Since the first press launch, the products from the line which include the Énergie De Vie Liquid Moisturiser, Pearly Wake-Up Lotion and Sleeping Mask are the most saught-after. With a slogan of ‘Made of unstoppable energy‘, it’s something everyone will be interested in.

Many say, the Liquid Moisturiser is the star product as it’s slotted perfectly into current skincare routines. A light silky moisturiser can be used to replace your usual daytime moisturiser, giving the same effect. All you need is two or three drops of the moisturiser and gently massage it onto cleansed skin. It’s enriched with Goji Berry extract and Lemon Balm oil, both anti-oxidants to help ensure the skin looks the freshest it possibly can.

Another product which has again been largely inspired by the Asian beauty industry is the Énergie De Vie Pearly Wake Up Lotion. To ensure you get the most out of the product, use it post toner and pre-moisturiser. The perfect lotion  is an amazing product to wake up to as it can be dabbed onto your face with to brighten up any dull looking skin.

The last product in the Énergie De Vie line up is the Overnight Sleeping Mask, an extremely hydrating bouncy mask which you can leave on overnight as your moisturiser. It has a light gel texture which melts into the skin, leaving the skin fresher and visibly smoother.

The range has been reviewed so highly that here at Mistrys, we had to get our hands on it! So come in store today to find out for yourself how amazing this product really is.

Lancome Dream Tone Dark Spot corrector

It has been identified that a woman’s main concern is her skin tone when it comes to cosmetics. Lancome are launching a new serum to help wash away your worries and leave you with beautiful skin. The new serum is going on sale on 1st September 2013.

Lancome have thought of everything, as usual, when creating this product. It is available for 3 different skin tones. Fair, Medium and Dark! Lancome always research into their customer needs and they know that different skin tones need treating differently. Well done Lancome!

The Fair reduces dark spots, reduces redness and evens the skin tone.

The medium reduces dark spots, evens skin tone and reduces sallowness.

The dark reduces dark spots, evens skin tone and corrects blemish marks.

I have just put some on the back of my had and it smells delicious! It is very easy to apply, no stickiness, and my skin feels super soft!

The dark spots can clear in just 4 weeks.

We have samples available on our lancome counter now. Feel free to pop in and get one. I recommend chatting to Sian about which one will be right for you too.

We can now send Perfumes and fragrances to Selected EU Countries!

We Have BIG News here at Mistrys. We have collaborated with DPD courier service so we can now send Perfumes, Aerosols and nail varnishes to Selected EU countries for fantastic rates.

Back in February Royal mail changed their laws for commercial businesses regarding sending “dangerous goods” abroad. This includes Aerosols, Perfumes, Nail varnishes and anything with a flame symbol on it. This obviously made it awkward for us to send but most importantly our overseas customers could no longer get fragrances etc sent to them. DPD have now offered us a road service so we can send perfumes to some EU countries for a great price. Bellow I have listed the countries we can send Perfumes, Fragrances and Aerosols too.

Do you have a family member who lives in Europe who you want to send a gift too but can’t? Or does a loved one who lives in Europe unable to buy their favourite perfume now? Tell them about Mistrys Online Pharmacy!

List of all EU countries we can send flamable products too –


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Greece (excluding Cyprus)
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Mainland Spain NOT the islands
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden


  • France


  • Germany

The delivery times to these countries vary very slightly but are all delivered within 1 week! Great service from DPD.

Absolue Oleo-Serum

Lancome have always been well know for their luxurious items but a whole new level has been made by the Sublime Regenerating Oleo-Serum, a new generation of serums, with the major discovery that citrus essential oils can boost stem cell’s environment! Infused with ProXylane and Rhamnose, there is no denying it’s perfection.

The Absolue range has been a celebrated collection that has been involved in the ground-breaking science involving stem cells, with their products working into the heart of the skin.

A main feature of this superb serum is that the Oleo-structure for morning freshness now lasts all day long! This is excellent news since this is the time that skin is at it’s peak of beauty. The main difference now are the three phases of transformation. The first is the oily-round and plump sensation at touch, the second is smoothly melting with oil break at the application and finally the comfortable oil films wrap the skin with lightweight and radiant sensation.

Lancome Genifique Youth Activator

Whether it’s stress, age or sleep deprivation, eye bags are not welcome. I know this, you know this, Lancome know this. That’s why their Genifique range have developed a new perfect product!  The Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye-Illuminating Youth Activating Concentrate is Lancome’s first eye serum which has been produced with an applicator that gives a massaging feel.

Depending on what the reason you need this profound product, there are several different methods for you to sample. If you are looking to reduce eye bags or dark circles, it is advised that you use the applicator beneath the eye and apply in small circles in an outward direction. Alternatively if signs of weariness and fine lines are your issue, in a vertical motion, apply the applicator in the targeted area. The light, cool texture helps brighten and smooth the skin by draining any excess fluid.

Many women have said to have had startling differences that have been noticed by everyone and even leaves the skin feeling softer as well as looking healthier. Because of the little quantity needed, this irresistible item will last you for many months! It can even be applied with or without makeup on! As well as being free of parabens, sulfates and GMOs, could it be any better?

Lancome’s new Absolue Precious Cells Day Cream –Extra Rich for Dry Skin- Anti-aging, restores youthful appearance. Available to buy online from

Lancome’s new Absolue Precious Cells Day Cream –Extra Rich for Dry Skin- Anti-aging, restores youthful appearance. Available to buy online from

This autumn, Lancome introduces its newest addition to the Absolue anti-aging range. Absolue Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating and Replenishing Cream SPF 15 –Extra Rich Day Cream formula for dry skin.

The ultimate premium skincare, Absolue Precious Cells Extra Rich Day Cream fights visible signs of aging to give skin a more youthful appearance. Absolue Extra Rich Cream tackles deep wrinkles, weakened skin, uneven skin tone and texture to give skin a hydrated, denser texture and smooth, youthful appearance.

Luxurious to the touch, this sumptuous cream melts into the driest of skin and deeply nourishes it with moisture. Skin regains visible signs of youthfulness. Intensely moisturised, skin’s radiance is regenerated, and it feels denser. Even the deepest wrinkles appear reduced.

90% of women are convinced that skin is denser and more radiant in just 7 days.

Lancome’s Absolue Skincare range is based on new research by Lancome. Lancome’s Advanced Research Laboratories have made a breakthrough in understanding the crucial role of the environment on some of the skin’s most precious cells – stem cells – and their ability to restore and maintain skin’s youthfulness.

How it works: The molecule Pro-Xylane has been found to re-stimulate communication between cells, a function that ensures that cells maintain their shape and health, eg. the production of collagen. This cell communication diminishes with age, leading to a lack of healthy ‘young’ skin cells, causing skin to age. With Pro-Xylane, cell communication is re-stimulated. Replenishing proteins and collagen production are increased. Lancome’s patented formula, combining Pro-Xylane and Lancome’s deeply moisture-replenishing Youth Restoration System, leaves skin feeling deeply moisturised, soft, plumper and denser, smooth and radiant. Fine lines are erased and deep wrinkles reduced, and skin’s healthy, youthful appearance is restored.

Absolue Precious Cells Extra Rich Day Cream is specially formulated for very dry skin. If you prefer a lighter cream, try Absolue Precious Cells Day Cream.

The range of further Lancome Absolue products is also available to buy online from

Click here to view our full range of Lancome anti-aging products.

Summer Skin’s New Best Friend from Lancome!

Perfect for the summer months, Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm has a light, fresh texture which melts easily into skin for a comfortable and hydrated feel. The Hydra Zen range of products are specifically designed to reduce the effects of emotional and environmental stress on the skin whilst soothing and reducing tightness of stiff, dehydrated skin. It’s suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin!

In May 2010, Lancome released two additions to the popular Hydra Zen range.

Ideal for everyday wear during the summer months, Hydra Zen with SPF combines the same soothing, hydrating action with added protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Unlike some heavier sun creams, Hydra Zen Neurocalm Anti-Stress Creams with SPF offer high protection against sun damage without leaving your skin feeling clogged, heavy and greasy. SPF protection is vital to protect against sun burn and damage to your skin. Exposing unprotected skin to the sun for long periods can cause dryness, redness, wrinkles and premature aging!