Ok, I'll be honest, I am a Marc Jacobs girl. Literally if you bought me any of them then I would be happy. However I may be being converted by Chloe. But which one?

Chloe doesn't seem to stay along a theme. Marc Jacobs tends to be fruity and fun, Nina Ricci more sweet and seductive and Paco Robanne is more a graceful evening tone.

Photo: Which is your favourite Chloé fragrance?

There are 3 women who work in this office and we all have different favourites.

We shall begin with See by Chloe. I am completely on the fence about this fragrance. I like it but I don't think it's for me...If that makes sense? This is Monika's favourite! It is quite strong to begin with but after about 5 minutes it softens leaving a lovely warm fragrance left that lasts all day. It's subtle and summery. I think it must be the apple blossom and jasmine that keeps the floatiness of the fragrance. It is quite a young scent. I would say it wasn't for the mature lady or evening wear but summer garden party! There are notes of sandalwood, vanilla and bergamot encased in this dazzling little bottle.

While we are talking about Monika's tastes in fragrances , she has just bought the next one for her mum! Definitely for the more mature lady L'eau de chloe is elegant and classy. When I smell it I think Joanna Lumley! I will be brutally honest and say it will not be love at first spray...but give it 15 minutes! At first it does smell clinical and a bit chemically. Not nice if i'm honest. However once we had left the test strip for a while I picked it up again and smelt it and it was actually beautiful. Can a perfume be graceful? Yes it can! It is Refreshing, Contemporary and Feminine. The key notes are citrus accords, natural rose water and patchouli. I honestly think it is a try before you buy scenerio! But as i said before, leave it for about 15 minutes then come back!

The third fragrance, Aniko's favourite and a very close second for me is Love, Chloe. Understated. Glamourous. Elegant. Effortless. These are all words that are pleasing to hear and see and now you can smell them too! The overall impression is without a doubt rose However it is uniquely blended with green hyacinth and sheer jasmine to add an abstract twist. Gentle and floral I believe this can be for any age group. It's stunning.

Saving the best for last is of course the wonderful Chloe eau de parfum. Bliss in a bottle! It has a slight sweetness to it keeping it bright and pleasing.  Chloe eau de parfum is Playful and flirtatious. The top notes are Peony, Lychee and freesia. Heart notes are Rose, Magnolia and Lily of the Valley and the Base notes are Amber and Cedarwood. The combination is perfection. This is the fragrance that is competing for top spot above Marc Jacobs Dot in my rankings however it will still come a very close second i'm affraid. Marc Jacobs forever will be on my top shelf!