Travelling around the world is not everyone's cup of tea, so bringing another culture to your very doorstep makes perfect sense surely?! And what could be better than a Boucheron perfume with a special story? Louis Boucheron ventured to the India in the 1920's where he discovered Jaiper which later on became an inspiration for his future works.

Jaipur Bracelet first draws people in with the freshness of Petit grain giving off a misjudged essence of innocence supported by the mature hints of Lily of the Valley. The Cashmere wood however shapes the sensuality with it seductive bass. The bottle signifies the history of this flamboyant fragrance in relation to the Naturatan bracelet. Often offered to young brides as a lucky charm.

But of course there is Boucheron for men to be appreciated as well. A little bit more restrained, Jaipur Homme captures a similar theme of contrast. The sparkling Geranium and Violet Leaves compliment each other immensely in response to the spicey Nutmeg and Cinnamon to give that extra boost to make this attractive aroma stand out from the crowd. The design of the bottle is clearly representative of it's heritage.

Clearly we're onto a winner here, alluring aromas, dramatic designs giving you a taste of India in a bottle. Irresistable by anyone's standards!