Once again Lancome have dazzled us with their delicious desirables. Say hello to the fabulous new fragrance La vie est belle. The represntation of the modern day woman is captured within the first breath of the irresistable iris, establshing their achievements and succesfulness. The follow up of this alluring aroma is the tangy citrus which grasps the attention of those around finishing off with a warm vanilla and praline.

Lancome's legacy is expressed with the simple yet sublime jewel bottle was designed by Georges Delhomme in 1949 to portray Armand Petit Jean's vision of femininity. The bottle gives a smile made out of crystal to embody women's jubilance with a satin scarf to portray delicacy and grace.

The stunning Julia Roberts advertises this successful scent with a beaming smile much like the image that this delightful fragrance truly sending out the translated message Life is beautiful.