Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck was a worldwide success and now it has taken a magical turn with the Enchanted edition. The contrasting deep crimson red bottle shows that mature transition that she has gone through with brand new charms, this time featuring a bird, a blossoming flower and a beautiful gem.

She describes it as the "next chapter" of wonderstruck, initially the connection made with a person. Enchanted takes the next step when you become completely captivated by them. Presumably, the young singer titled this fragrance in relation to her song Enchanted from her album Speak Now which also happens to have the lyric 'Wonderstruck'.

The fruity fragrance is introduced with the strong scent of passion fruit, wild berries and pink poppy, creating a sweet aroma much like the nature of the star's music. The middle notes include peony and freesia with a musky bass with woody and vanilla notes. This irresistible fragrance is perfect for a warm summer's day that will without a doubt turn heads.