Within the first intake of this fruity fragrance, with subtle floral undertones, you cannot help but fall into her Love Story. The delacy of the aroma is inspired by the innocence yet elegance like the lady herself, with a strong scent of sweetness to draw you in like one of her electric encores.

The main idea behind this sensational smell is to relfect upon the young country star's personality. Every last detail is precise and original just like her song writing standard to embrace how remarkable she is.

Wonderstruck is a lyric from her song Enchanted from her largely successful album Speak Now, a story of the intense connection with someone at first sight.

The beautiful bottle is decorated with simple charms similar to what you'd expect with a child's bracelet to represent her childhood innocence.

Swift's promotional picture shows her in a gorgeous dress that was specially designed and handmade by Christian Siriano and is now a personal favourite of hers.

The free bag is one of the most fashionable ones avaliable so far! The mature and sophisticating style will certainly captivate all with it's practicality as well.

The fragrance is available in 3 different sizes from our online pharmacy !