Argania Spinosa range

We Have a new, exciting, haircare range! Last year it was all about the Keratin but this year Argan Oil has taken over the Hair world!

Great Value for money, as you don't need much, this product is possibly the best Argan Oil range I have come across.

The company keep things simple with a "if it works then don't fix it" attitude oh and it really does work! 1. type of shampoo. 1 type of conditioner. 1 hair mask. 1heat protecting spray. 1 Argan oil treatment oil and 1 curl and volume mist! Done! What more do you need? I used the Hair mask last night and it has done wonders for my hair! So soft and manageable and the dryness has gone. With the weather changing out hair changes too so get ahead and start looking after it now in time for christmas parties!

People have been questioning the price however I disagree! £6 for a bottle of shampoo does seem a bit high but if you break it down it really isnt that bad! As I said earlier, you don't need that much! so lets say you get 12 washes out of the bottle. Thats only 50p per shampoo! You would pay more than that for a treatment at the salon and you still wouldn't get the luxury of hopping straight out of the shower, into your jammies to snuggle down to watch your favourite tv program!

All I am saying is try it! Start with the Hair mask like I did and go from there. You won't regret it!