Festival hair is notorious for being "au naturale!". But how can you stop it from getting greasy?

There are several dry shampoo products on the market and some can be quite pricey. To be honest they all do pretty much the same thing!

Not wanting to pay for a big brand? Then we have the answer!  Not wanting to harm the environment? Then, again, we have the answer!

Batiste Non Aerosol Dry shampoo! It is fragrance free and we are one of the cheapest places to sell it! At a bargain £1.19 you can party until your heart's content without having any guilt towards your bank balance or the environment!

Batiste Aerosol free dry shampoo is completely fragrance free, small to fit in your bag and easy to use. If you plan on going to several Festivals this summer then i would stock up if i were you!