Have you ever wondered how celebrities keep their hair in such good condition, even after all the colouring and styling? Over colouring and using heated stylers on your hair can leave you with dry and brittle hair, no matter how much conditioner and treatments you use nothing seems to have a lasting effect or actually repair the hair.  Keratin treatments are quickly becoming popular not only in professional salons but there are now a wide range of keratin treatments you can use yourself at home to get your hair back into healthy condition with lusterous shine again.

What is Keratin?
Keratin is actually a protein in our own hair that adds strength. A Keratin treatment usually consists of a chemical which creates a long lasting smoothing effect, a conditioner and keratin protein.

How is Keratin used?
Keratin is used a variety of different ways, not only in hair strengthening treatments but also in daily shampoos/conditioners and styling products. Many salons now offer Keratin treatments for after colouring or if you go in with damaged hair, in which case you will be given the treatment and will wait in the salon for the process. Keratin treatments are generally a lot cheaper to buy and do yourself in the comfort of your own home and there is no difference in the results you will see if you are using a genuine keratin product. Keratin can also be used on a variety of hair textures.

Recently one of our most popular products we have seen flying off the shelves is the Organix range, which offers a variety of products with Brazillian Keratin including straightening and anti breakage solutions in shampoos, conditioners and treatments at an affordable price! Click on the picture below to view the Brazilian Keratin range of products.