Schwarzkopf have created their Gliss range which is available for all hair types. The intelligent formula can detect even the slightest damage and repair it, without overburdening the hair.

Gliss is a well established name and was created over 50 years ago. It has continued to develop and expand its range ever since!

I am going to keep this blog brief as we have a large range of the Gliss products and if i go into detail with every different sort it will take months!

OIL NUTRIVE - To help prevent split ends and leave a healthy shine.

COLOUR SHAMPOO AND CONITIONER - To protect and preserve coloured hair.

CASHMERE - For deep nourishment and healthy shine. with she butter & cashmere protein.

LIQUID SILK -For a smooth soft finish with healthy shine.

SATIN SMOOTH - To calm fly away hair and leave a smooth finish.

ASIA STRAIGHT - Another anti frizz effect with the essence of bamboo and orchid.

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TOTAL REPAIR 19 - For ll round restructuring and repair to damaged hair.