Yardley for men

Sometimes you can’t do any better than a reliable traditional product. Yardley have been an active range since 1770 and have never failed to deliever in all their great goods. They are best known for their soaps but they do have other targets such as haircare. One of their most successful and appreciated items would have to be the English Lavender Brilliantine for men.

This old fashioned remedy is a perfect pomade that is excellent for shaping your hair whilst applying a special shine, not to be mistaken for grease. The warm scent of lavender is welcomed greatly and you just can’t seem to get enough of it! The packaging and solution have never changed and have stuck to their roots and is still made in England to this very day!

It only requires a thin layer to be applied to your head but overuse can result in a greasy appearence. It’s not itchy at all and is very comfortable to use. Many customers have commented on how it appears to last for a long period of time and say people who aren’t sampling it’s delights are missing out on a great deal!

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