Hailed as the new Beauty Saviour, Coconut Oil is cheap and easily available - here's some of our favourite uses for it!

1. Detangle/De-frizz hair

Coconut Oil's make-up means it penetrates hair deeply and quickly. If you apply coconut oil melted to room temperature to the end of wet hair, it makes an excellent leave-in conditioner - making your hair easier to comb through. Or add a small amount (warmed up between your hands) to dry hair to instantly eliminate frizz!

2. Moisturise your Body

Warm some oil up between your hands and smooth on to dry skin to leave it smooth and hydrated.
3. DIY Lip Balm
In its solid state at room temperature, Coconut Oil is already similar in texture to regular lip balm. It soothes and softens dry or cracked lips, and you can even mix it with a little of your usual lippy to make your own tinted balm!
4. Facial Cleanser
Aside from Coconut Oil being anti-bacterial, many people swear by it as a cleanser - using oil to remove oil and other impurities.
5. Remove Eye Make-Up
Coconut oil breaks up water-resistant substances you find in mascara and eye shadow - making it a great make-up remover. Scoop out a small amount, rub between hands to warm and smooth it over your skin, before wiping off with a cotton bud or pad.
6. Soften Cuticles
Because it is so moisturising, Coconut Oil is great to smooth onto your nails to soften cuticles and protect your manicure.
7. Make Your Own Body Scrub
Mix some room temperature Coconut Oil with granulated/brown sugar or epsom salts and you have a ready-made body scrub.
8. Shave Your Legs
Coconut Oil makes a great shaving cream, and doubles up as a moisturiser. Just be sure to rinse the razor regularly to avoid clogging.
9. Clean Make-Up Brushes
Making use again of Coconut Oil's cleansing and anti-bacterial properties; just dip your brushes into some melted oil, swirl onto a cloth or napkin and rinse.
10. Treat Acne
Coconut oil is believed to be an effective acne treatment for some skin because it's anti-inflammatory, contains Vitamin E and because it contains Capric Acid and Lauric Acid, which fight microbial infection, which often causes acne.
11. Heal Scars and Stretch Marks
The medium chain fatty acids in Coconut Oil prevent and reverse damage from free radicals, which attack skin tissue and prevent it from regenerating.
12. Clean Teeth / Oil Pulling
The newest Beauty craze - swilling Coconut Oil around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes to remove bacteria, whiten teeth and freshen breath (as well as many other debatable claims).
13. Treat Eczema
Some Eczema sufferers claim that Coconut Oil has helped to calm and soothe inflammation, which could help prevent flare ups.
14. Treat Dandruff
Dandruff is a fungal infection and often starts due to dry scalp problems. Try massaging melted coconut oil in to your scalp to help. It's anti-fungal and moisturising.
15. Switch Your Cooking Oil
Try using Coconut Oil as an alternative to Vegetable and other cooking oils for frying, baking and dressing - it's healthy and delicious too!

Our Top 3...

1. Bells Coconut Oil - a cheap, basic Coconut Oil
2. Optima Raw Virgin Coconut Oil - One of our top sellers! Organic, raw virgin Coconut Oil
3. Natures Aid Premium Liquid Coconut Oil - in liquid form - ideal for cooking!