As the sun is making more appearances in the sky people are being inspired to go and explore the world. Ben, our colleague is no exception. He is leaving us at Mistrys to go and do voluntary work in Tanzania for 2 months starting in June. Out there he will be building schools, Wells and having fun along the way. I over heard him talking to Raggesh on the Drug counter asking him what he will need to take. This lead me to think that a lot of other people will be thinking/asking the same questions so i thought i'd help you out by relaying the information.

The Following blog's will inform you on topics such as sun protection, insect repellants and much more. You don't have to be going anywhere exotic as tanzania as we will be advising about how to chose which is right for you and your holiday.

First thing first. Make a list.

As Ben is going to a very hot country for quite a long time his list will probably be longer than yours however there may be things on his list you may have forgotten about.

Ben's List

insect repellent, after bite, Sun cream, After sun, Shampoo, soap, cooling spray, wash bag, Travel set (mini bottles), travel pillow, deodorant (very important!) Comb, adaptor, plasters, savlon, anti travel sickness things,Imodium, toothpaste, tooth brush, money pouch, sunglasses, re hydration, baby wipes!

I realise that this is a very intricate list however we want him to be prepared like a true boy scout!

Now it's your turn..... Happy list making!