The food we eat can have a profound effect – either positive or negative – on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

A consultation with our Registered Nutritional Therapist, Judy Merrick, will help identify factors in your diet and lifestyle that may be contributing to health or weight concerns.

During your 90 minute initial consultation, Judy will complete a thorough assessment of your current, past and family health.  She may use Naturopathic techniques such as Iridology (study of the iris of the eye) Tongue and Nail Diagnosis, and Muscle Response Testing (Kinesiology) to help pinpoint areas of imbalance.

A personalised nutrition plan will be drawn up for you.  This may include suggestions for meals, recipes, food plans and may include the use of Nutritional or Herbal Supplements.  Follow up appointments at 4 week intervals will give you on-going support and keep you on track.

Other services that may be recommended include:

  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Vitamin D Testing
  • DNA/Genetic Testing
  • Venepuncture/Phlebotomy (Blood draw for private tests)







Judy Merrick, Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath



Judy completed a four year diploma course in Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy at The College of Naturopathic Medicine, London. As well as seeing private clients in her own practice, she has worked for the last 8 years as a Senior Practitioner at a luxury residential Natural Health Retreat specializing in weight loss and detoxification.  She is a member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), and the Complementary & Natural Health Care Council (CNHC).  She is also a member of National Association of Phlebotomists (NAP)

For an appointment call:  07847 209204 or email: