Dry mouth is a continuos feeling that there is not enough saliva in your mouth, making it difficult to talk and eat which can be embarassing. Saliva lubricates and protects your mouth from infection by bacteria, from chemicals in the atmosphere and from hot food and drinks. Saliva protects your teeth also .without saliva flow the mouth tissue can get damaged, causing dental decay and can contribute to bad breath.

The effects of dry mouth may be severe, moderate or mild. Mild sufferers are unlikely to even know they are affected. Maybe you’ve noticed food sticking to the roof of your mouth and food just won’t go down? You probably see your dry mouth as normal, and simply try drinking more.

Symptoms can include:

  •  a feeling of soreness in the mouth,
  • stickiness to the touch and cracking at the corners of the mouth;
  •  the mouth looking red and parched,
  • or having a pebbled look to the tongue;
  •  difficulty eating dry or spicy foods;
  • food just not tasting like it used to;
  • difficulty speaking;
  • a tendency to wake up more often during the night 
  • bad breath.

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