Different shaped wine glasses

The Local Government Association (LGA) have said that it believes that companies should be forced to warn people that drinking alcohol can contribute to wait gain.

It is contributing to an obesity crisis, the association claims.The UK currently has one of the highest obesity rates in Western Europe, possibly because of this alcohol issue. The LGA says calories from alcohol are classed as "empty calories", with no nutritional value. By drinking alcohol, the amount of fat the body burns for energy is reduced. A pint of cider at 4.5% has 216 calories, the equivalent to 3/4 of a burger, while a single spirit at 40% is 61 calories, or an eighth of a burger.

Over 24 hours, drinking 5 pints of beer at 4% strength, is the equivalent to eating more than 3 burgers. A bottle of wine- about 4 small glasses- has the same calorie count as more than two burgers, the association says.

The Royal Society for Public Health has previously called for calorie labels to be put in place, by giving its own warning that a large glass of wine can contain around 200 calories- the same as a doughnut.

In 2015, MEPs backed calls for calorie labels to be put on all alcoholic drinks in a vote at the European Parliament, although that vote is not binding. It has recently emerged that new advice on how much people in the UK should limit their drinking is to be issues following the first review of official alcohol guidance in 20 years. Reports suggest the chief medical officer for England, Dame Sally Davies will recommend abstaining from alcohol for at least two days a week.