The CLEANE Blue Light Acne Treatment Device is a breakthrough treatment for acne, spots and pimples. The device uses Blue Light Technology combined with Thermal Shock (Heat) Therapy to kill the bacteria that causes spots and acne, allowing skin to recover naturally. Results can be seen within 24 hours of use.

How does Cleane Blue Light Acne Treatment work?

Blue Light Therapy: It was recently discovered that a particular wavelength on the light spectrum naturally destroys the bacteria that causes acne. Light on this wavelength is known as BLUE LIGHT. It is similar to UV light, which has long been known to improve acne, however is outside of the harmful UV range. Blue Light is extremely effective and is completely safe for the skin.

The Cleane Acne Treatment Device delivers a concentrated ray of Blue Light directly onto the spot, destroying the bacteria causing the spot so skin can heal naturally.

In addition, the Cleane Device delivers a safe level of heat directly into the affected pore, causing a ‘thermal shock’ response, which destroys the proteins supporting the bacteria.

Cleane Blue Light Therapy is extremely effective; the combination of Blue Light and Thermal Energy completely destroy the acne-causing bacteria within the spot, so results are extremely rapid; you will see the spot begin to reduce and heal within hours of treatment.

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Why choose CLEANE?

Unlike Red Light Therapy devices, which only accelerate skin’s natural healing process to help fight the spot, the Cleane Blue Light Therapy actually completely destroys the bacteria causing the spot. As the bacteria is completely removed, skin will heal very rapidly and naturally on its own. 

The combination of Blue Light and Thermal Shock Therapy also works much faster to destroy bacteria than Thermal Shock alone.

The Cleane Blue Light Device is very cost effective. Unlike other Blue and Red Light Therapy Devices, the Cleane Device is rechargeable, so there are no replacement parts or batteries required.

The device is very easy to use, convenient and fast. Each single treatment with the Cleane Blue Light Device takes only 2 and a half minutes. After this, the bacteria causing the spot are completely destroyed, allowing the spot to clear up within 24 hours of treatment. (see below for instructions on use).

The Cleane system uses safe Blue Light Therapy and Thermal Energy to destroy bacteria without harming the skin. There are no side effects, and (unlike squeezing!) there is no risk of scars.

The Cleane Blue Light Device is convenient. It is small, compact and can easily be carried with you. You can use your Cleane Blue Light Device anywhere, anytime. The Cleane Device can be fully re-charged in 45 minutes

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When you order your Cleane set you will receive: Cleane Acne Treatment Device; Users Manual with full instructions for using Cleane; USB Cable for charging; Power adapter for charging.

How to use:

To use your Cleane Blue Light Device, simply open the cap and press the power button (allow around 1 minute for the device to charge). Then simply place the tip over the spot you want to treat, for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Then move on to the next area –simple! The bacteria of the spot will be destroyed and it will start to heal within 24 hours of treatment.

You can order your Cleane Blue Light Acne Treatment Device online from It is currently available at the special price of £60 (reduced from £70), and we are offering FREE delivery to addresses within the UK!

We aim to despatch most orders the same day, so your Cleane device can be with you very soon. Start looking forward to clear, spot-free skin!