The festive season is here which can only mean it’s that time of year where we run around trying to get all that Christmas shopping done before we can relax and enjoy spending some quality time with our loved ones, eating and drinking way too much! So here are a few essential products you may want to think about stocking up on in time for the festivities!

Indigestion Relief

We’re all guilty of eating a lot more than we usually would when it comes to Christmas and New Year, not only do we eat a mountain food on Christmas Day, we’ll also help ourselves to the odd Christmas chocolate and a mince pie or 10! Consuming all that luxury food can have some side effects so make sure you get some indigestion relief before the big day. Stock up on a few boxes of Rennie or a bottle of Gaviscon.

Hangover Help

It’s the season of celebration and a time to share a tipple or two with close friends and loved ones. If a glass or two to turns into a bottle or few it might be worth stocking up on the painkillers and the headache tablets! We all have our own hangover cures whether it’s a bowl of ice cream or a bacon sandwich, it’s still important to drink plenty of water and alleviate that headache with some pain relief tablets like Nurofen Express or Panadol Advance.

We have a vast range of healthcare products available here at Mistry’s Online Pharmacy so you can stock up on all your seasonal essentials without even leaving the comfort of your home!