Did you know more than 30% of people with diabetes will miss their injections or take double the dose of insulin by mistake? When we all lead such busy lives it’s all too easy to get mixed up with our medication.

Working closely with diabetics, NeedleBay have designed a revolutionary new medication system to make the daily routine of taking your insulin much easier and much safer.

How Does It Work?

NeedleBay allows you to prepare your insulin medication for the up to 7 days using the safe and convenient NeedleBay modules. The modules have a ClickLok System, allowing you to load both tablets and needles into it, keeping them safe and secure until you need them.

The modules are designed to be strong and compact so they can easily be stored in your pocket or bag.

More Hygienic and Secure

The NeedleBay modules have been designed so there is no need for you to touch the needles when attaching or removing them from the insulin pen. As both the unused and used needles are stored in the module, you can easily see ‘proof of use’ giving you complete peace of mind that you have taken your insulin as well as ensuring old needles are never reused.

Safe Disposal

When you’re on the go it’s very likely that sharps bins will not be readily available to you but as you can safely store used needles within your NeedleBay module, this isn’t a problem. When you do come to dispose of your used needles, it’s again a very safe process, you simply open the ClickLok system and the needles drop out with no unnecessary handling of them.

Key Features of NeedleBay:

• Suitable for many popular types of insulin pen needles
• Provides visual proof that insulin has been taken
• Prevents any finger pricking accidents
• Provides safe containment of used and unused needles
• 7 day medication management system
• Designed to be used for continuous daily usage

The NeedleBay Range:

NBS – The NeedleBay System 7 is the most complete safe-needle and handling system of the range as it allows you to manage your insulin for a whole week. The case holds seven ready for use modules as well as space for an insulin pen.

NB4 – The NeedleBay 4 pack contains four modules making it the ideal travel companion for long weekends or holidays away. It’s also very useful if you don’t require the storage case.

NB2 – The NeedleBay 2 pack contains two modules. This member of the range is perfect to use as a trial for the NeedleBay system or to simple provide extra modules for those who use the NeedleBay management system regularly.

The NeedleBay range is available both online and in store. If you would like more information or advise on the NeedleBay products please pop into the store and speak to a member of the Dispensary. Alternatively you can give us a call on 0800 587 9974.