When the clock struck 12:00 on December 31st 2011, you may have told yourself that you’re going to make 2012 a healthy year where you send your bad habits off and away, like the fireworks that illuminated the sky above Big Ben. If you are a smoker there is no better time to kick this bad habit, get your quitting in motion and start the year as you wish to go on – with a healthy outlook and free of the hold cigarettes might have had over you for many years. By using the smoking patches sold here at Mistrys Pharmacy, you can make this a manageable process.

The addiction to the Nicotine found in cigarettes can be a tough one to shift, as your body will be telling you that it needs it to feel relaxed and normal again if it hasn’t had any in a while, leaving you to crave smoking, whether it is on the way to work in the morning or after a meal at a restaurant. While in previous New Year’s you might have made the resolution to stop and attempted to do so by completely cutting cigarettes and all nicotine out of your system, the stark change will most likely have left you feeling like you are missing something and therefore, buying a fresh packet of cigarettes and falling back into addiction.

Using smoking patches will instead provide your body with the nicotine it still craves, helping you to feel relaxed without the action of smoking and eventually make you realise that you don’t need to smoke or have nicotine in your life anymore. This will result in a healthier body, precious money saved and a great 2012.

All of the smoking patches we sell are from leading brands such as Nicorette and Niquitin and are available in different dosages of nicotine so you can start on 25mg and work your way down to 7mg, before finally leaving nicotine to be a thing of the past. Take a look today and order your patches from Mistrys Pharmacy.

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