With the freezing temperatures we are currently enduring it’s important we look after our skin. This cold weather can really dry out our skin, particularly our hands so we need to keep them well moisturised and protected from the adverse weather.

If your job or lifestyle means you spend a lot of time outside, O’Keefe’s Working Hands could be the perfect thing to care for your hands this winter. The non-greasy formulation is designed to improve dry hands and prevent them from cracking and splitting. The concentrated formula involves Glycerine which stimulates your skin’s natural repair process, keeping your hands well moisturised and strong.

Upper Canada also has a great range of lotions to help protect your hands, not only that, they’ll smell gorgeous. The Upper Canada Cranberry Moro Orange Whipped Hand Repair Balm is rich with shea butter, cranberry extract and orange oil and is perfect for keeping those hard working hands moisturised and protected. The Upper Canada products are all made from natural ingredients meaning they are free from synthetic dyes and Paraben.

Be sure to browse our hand and nail section here at Mistrys Pharmacy to see the full range of products we have available – exposure to the cold can really have an adverse effect on your hands and nails as can washing dishes and gardening so make sure you take care of your hands and skin this winter and all year round.