Scholl Cracked Heel Profile

Scholl Cracked Heel Profile
Instant Reduction in Dry, Cracked Skin on Heels
Instantly Removes Dry, Cracked Fissured Skin on the Heels
Instantly Reveals Smooth, Supple Heels
Cracked heels can be recognised by a build up of hard dry skin around the edge of the heel. The heels may appear discoloured with faint white splits (fissures) or vertical cracks depending on the severity of the problem.
Design experts at Scholl have ergonomically designed this uniquely shaped file to match the difficult to reach curved contours of the heel. The file has an antibacterial surface to reduce the risk of infection. Suitable for wet and dry filing. Giving you professional results at home.
Do not file open, bleeding, painful cracks. Stop using if skin becomes sore or inflamed. Do not over file the skin.
Not Suitable for Diabetics or those with poor blood circulation.