You hear it on the radio, on the television and from your doctors about cholesterol and that you to watch it as it can get dangerously high! Well we have a new tablet which can make things a lot easier for you. StatiQinon is a natural supplement containing flaxseed oil, red yeast rice powder and coenzyme Q10.
Don't get me wrong our bodies need cholesterol for normal functioning and as long as the amount we have stays within normal levels, it poses no health issues. However, lifestyle and genetics can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol (LDL), which if left unchecked can lead to heart disease.
How does StatiQinon work? Co-enzyme Q10: is stored in the mitochondria (power house) of every cell and is responsible for the production of energy. Tissues with a high-energy requirement such as the heart, muscles and liver contain more mitochondria within their cells. Coenzyme Q10 is also an important antioxidant and protects cell membranes from the damaging effects of free radicals. Red yeast rice: contains 14 active compounds called monacolins, which have been shown to inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol. ALA: May help reduce the build of fats in the arteries thus reducing cholesterol and triglycerides.

How much should you take? Pharma Nord recommends 2 capsules per day, or as directed by a physician.