730084.0.hsopital_featuredMistrys Pharmacy in Market Harborough reminds you to go to your local pharmacy as a first port of call when tackling minor ailments this winter.

Your local pharmacist will be qualified to provide expert advice to help people manage common ailments such as a bad cough, wheezing or a sore throat, as well as managing long-term conditions.

Asking your pharmacy for help instead of first visiting your local doctor's surgery takes pressure off GP surgeries and hospitals which see a huge and often unmanageable increase in emergency admissions over the winter.

Most pharmacies, including Mistrys Pharmacy, have weekend opening hours and a private consultation areas for sensitive or confidential discussions.

Mistrys also provides basic screening services such as blood pressure checking and blood sugar testing.

GPs often see patients that could have gotten their advice from their local pharmacist, without needing to go through the process of booking an appointment at their local surgery. If you use your pharmacist first for help, it frees up GPs to see patients with more serious illnesses.