We have some fabulous new lip balms in stock which are perfect for Christmas stocking fillersThe interesting thoughts of Edward Monkton range are quirky and practical gifts which are bound to put a smile onto anyone's faces. The lip balms have little poems or sayings on them and the plasters are just happy and practical. Bound to cheer anyone up who needs to use one!

There are a wide variety of designs to chose from. Groove Bunny, The Cat of Glory, The Cloud of Loveliness, The Hippopotamus of Extraordinary Grace, The Cow of Wisdom, Anything is Possible, Love Monkey, The Butterfly of Friendship, The Elephant of Joy, The Pants of Peace, The Pig of Happiness and the Handbag of Glory. We can't choose our favourite - we love them all at Mistrys!

There are 3 flavours available: Peach, Vanilla and Dragon Fruit. It's not often you see a dragon fruit flavoured lip balm - we like to be different at Mistrys! So start your Christmas shopping now! You can see the whole range here.