Lancome have always been well know for their luxurious items but a whole new level has been made by the Sublime Regenerating Oleo-Serum, a new generation of serums, with the major discovery that citrus essential oils can boost stem cell's environment! Infused with ProXylane and Rhamnose, there is no denying it's perfection.

The Absolue range has been a celebrated collection that has been involved in the ground-breaking science involving stem cells, with their products working into the heart of the skin.

A main feature of this superb serum is that the Oleo-structure for morning freshness now lasts all day long! This is excellent news since this is the time that skin is at it's peak of beauty. The main difference now are the three phases of transformation. The first is the oily-round and plump sensation at touch, the second is smoothly melting with oil break at the application and finally the comfortable oil films wrap the skin with lightweight and radiant sensation.