There is one big buzz in the beauty world, raving about the Énergie De Vie range, a new skincare line from Lancôme. Inspired by Asian beauty rituals and their love for lightweight textures, it takes hydration to another level.Since the first press launch, the products from the line which include the Énergie De Vie Liquid Moisturiser, Pearly Wake-Up Lotion and Sleeping Mask are the most saught-after. With a slogan of ‘Made of unstoppable energy‘, it’s something everyone will be interested in.

Many say, the Liquid Moisturiser is the star product as it’s slotted perfectly into current skincare routines. A light silky moisturiser can be used to replace your usual daytime moisturiser, giving the same effect. All you need is two or three drops of the moisturiser and gently massage it onto cleansed skin. It’s enriched with Goji Berry extract and Lemon Balm oil, both anti-oxidants to help ensure the skin looks the freshest it possibly can.

Another product which has again been largely inspired by the Asian beauty industry is the Énergie De Vie Pearly Wake Up Lotion. To ensure you get the most out of the product, use it post toner and pre-moisturiser. The perfect lotion  is an amazing product to wake up to as it can be dabbed onto your face with to brighten up any dull looking skin.

The last product in the Énergie De Vie line up is the Overnight Sleeping Mask, an extremely hydrating bouncy mask which you can leave on overnight as your moisturiser. It has a light gel texture which melts into the skin, leaving the skin fresher and visibly smoother.

The range has been reviewed so highly that here at Mistrys, we had to get our hands on it! So come in store today to find out for yourself how amazing this product really is.