It has been identified that a woman's main concern is her skin tone when it comes to cosmetics. Lancome are launching a new serum to help wash away your worries and leave you with beautiful skin. The new serum is going on sale on 1st September 2013.

Lancome have thought of everything, as usual, when creating this product. It is available for 3 different skin tones. Fair, Medium and Dark! Lancome always research into their customer needs and they know that different skin tones need treating differently. Well done Lancome!

The Fair reduces dark spots, reduces redness and evens the skin tone.

The medium reduces dark spots, evens skin tone and reduces sallowness.

The dark reduces dark spots, evens skin tone and corrects blemish marks.

I have just put some on the back of my had and it smells delicious! It is very easy to apply, no stickiness, and my skin feels super soft!

The dark spots can clear in just 4 weeks.

We have samples available on our lancome counter now. Feel free to pop in and get one. I recommend chatting to Sian about which one will be right for you too.