I guarantee everyone has at least one pot of Vaseline hanging around their home somewhere! Some may just have a tub and then a little tin or two – some may have an abundance of them! On my last count I had around 6 little pots of Vaseline, I found a plethora of different varieties from the original Vaseline to the Limited Edition Red Lip Tint, I found them in handbags, make up bags, drawers, coat pockets, shoes, saucepans… ok the last two may have been a bit of an exaggeration but you get the gist!

Why do we have all these pots of Vaseline lying around the house I hear you cry! Well, although you may not know it, Vaseline is THE BEST secret beauty weapon you can own. You may think it has just a few minor uses but in actual fact it is one of the cheapest beauty remedies out there with a bounty of amazing uses. I have handpicked 10 of the very best tips to help you utilise your Vaseline for ultimate value for money!

1. Tame Your Brows

If you suffer from unruly eyebrows that just won’t stay in a neat little line like they’re supposed to then take a tiny little dab of Vaseline and apply it to your eyebrows either using your fingertip or an eyebrow brush and it will keep those rogue eyebrow hairs in check all day.

2. Lengthen Those Lashes

Put a tiny amount of Vaseline on your lashes before you go to sleep and watch those luxurious lashes grow!

3. Removing Eye Make Up

If you’re ever caught without your trusty eye make-up remover then Vaseline is the rescue remedy you need! Place a small amount on a cloth or a towel and rub gently over your eyes to remove your make up – it can even eliminate waterproof mascara.

Another tip you can try is dabbing a cotton bud in a little Vaseline and using it to correct any make up mishaps.

4. Protect Split Ends

Combat split ends between haircuts by rubbing a teeny bit of Vaseline between your fingers and then touching up your ends with it – be careful not to use too much, there’s a fine line between shiny ends and greasy tips!

5. DIY Exfoliator

Add some sea salt to your tub of Vaseline and voila – you’re very own exfoliant. Apply to your skin when you’re in the shower and scrub gently – you’ll leave the shower feeling silky smooth!

6. Bump Up Eye Shadow Or Blush

You can reinvent old eye shadows and blushes into new creamy ones by simply adding some Vaseline into the mix!

7. Take Care of Cuticles

Rub Vaseline into your cuticles to keep them healthy and moisturised and to prevent them from drying out.

8. Prevent Hair Dye DIY Dramas

We’ve all done it – dyed our own hair only to be left with embarrassing streaks across our forehead and down our neck! Before you start, dab Vaseline into your hairline to protect your skin.

9. Prolong Your Perfume

Rub a bit of Vaseline into your wrists and neck before spraying your perfume and it will keep you smelling lovely for longer.

10. Luscious Lips

Vaseline is the simplest lip gloss product in your make up collection. It’s not only brilliant for keeping your lips super soft and moisturised, a simple coat of Vaseline will give your lips that sexy shine too. You can also add Vaseline as a top coat to any lipstick to add that extra layer of shine. Another tip is, if you can get your hands on some Kool-Aid, add some to your Vaseline to create your very own lip stain.

Now you’re Vaseline savvy and know exactly how to make the most of this make up must have, don’t forget you can get all your skincare staples, including your essential Vaseline products in store and online and Mistrys Pharmacy!