Summer popped its head around the door earlier but before we could invite it in and comment on its cool shades, it tipped its hat and was on its way! Whilst it was a brief appearance, your skin will still have soaked up plenty of that summer goodness, but seeing as the summer months have now said goodbye, it’s time to welcome in Autumn and all the effects will have on your freshly sun-glimpsed skin. Here at Mistry’s Pharmacy we're a comprehensive online pharmacy; the experts when it comes to the perfect products for looking after your skin whatever the weather – so here’s what you’ll need to survive this season!

First of all, the change in general temperature will undoubtedly cause dry skin for many of us, and that’s something we want to contend with straight away. We have a range of moisturizers that are perfect for the job, and a great example is the E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion for Very Dry Skin. Replenishing moisture in your skin, this lotion will leave you feeling fresh all day, smoothing away roughness and leaving a rich and beautiful look.

Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that chapped and sore skin is dealt with just as efficiently wherever you are, and for that, we recommend Lotil Cream. Used frequently, and gently massaged into the skin, Lotil cream can provide a soothing remedy for cracked or fissured skin to get it looking great again in no time!

With any change in weather, times can get tough for your carefully cared-for face, and you’ll want to keep up with that right through the coming months. The Aderma Exomega Cleansing Oil for Face and Body is the perfect supplement to be used in the shower, invigorating your skin with all the nutrients it needs; completing its skincare aptitude with a soft, gentle finish.

Finally, Wild Fern’s extensive range of Manuka honey enthused products are guaranteed to treat your skin with the tender elegance it deserves, whether it’s a facial cleanser, purifying toner or lip care balm, you’ll find everything you need within the Wild Fern pages!

For more, simply browse the expansive collection of health and beauty lotions, balms, oils and more, all available from the Mistry’s Pharmacy website now!