Having made its debut in the 60s, Corn Silk is considered by many to be a Make-Up Bag Must Have, and is one of Amazon's top selling face powders.

Back in the Sixties, when Corn Silk first hit the shelves it claimed to offer women a lasting glow without turning their faces ‘muddy’ or 'cakey'.
Now Corn Silk face powder is making a comeback, supposedly because it leaves women with a ‘selfie-friendly’ finish.

Corn Silk, with added silk and natural walnut powder controls shine and gives a natural long lasting flawless finish

Make-up artist to the stars (including Helen Mirren, Madonna and princesses Eugenie and Beatrice) Aimee Adams, claims that Corn Silk powder is her desert island must have product, and that it gives women a muted glow, similar to the flattering soft-focus filters on Instagram, making it perfect for those summer selfies!

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