Did you know, Eucerin is the oldest dermocosmetic brand in the world? Over 100 years of experience has allowed them to branch out across 5 continents and over 500 countries!

Introducing Eucerin's Hyperpigmentation range! For those of you who aren't sure, hyperpigmentation is the darkening of an area of skin and can be caused by exposure to UV sunlight, hormones and oxidative stress. These factors cause the over production of melanin which can result in hyperpigmentation.

The most common examples of hyperpigmentation are dark spots, age spots and freckles which form in deeper layers of the skin. But don't fear! Eucerin have a range of skin care products formulated specifically for these problems.

Firstly in the range we have 'Even Brighter Day Cream.' This cream treats not only the existing pigmentation, but it also prevents future UV damage with its high SPF30.

Secondly, we have the 'Even Brighter Night Cream,' which, as the name suggests, treats your skin while you sleep, supporting the natural regeneration process.

Last but by no means least, we have the 'Even Brighter Pigment Reducing Spot Corrector.' The applicator brush (which looks rather like a lip gloss brush) allows precise application to the areas that need treating the most.

There really is no wonder that Eucerin's Even Brighter range has had such good feedback and so many fantastic reviews!