Are you all stocked up on your summer essentials in anticipation for the hot weather? We all know there isn’t much risk of getting sun burnt in Britain but if you are lucky enough to be jetting off to sunnier climates this summer, you need to make sure you are prepared.

You may be sick of people banging on about the dangers of UV rays and sun burn but it really is very important to look after your skin not just for health reasons but to keep your skin looking young and rejuvenated.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

We all want to return from our holiday looking beautifully bronzed but if you do slip up and end up burning, then using after sun is vital for getting the moisture back into your inflamed skin. Piz Buin After Sun Intensifier Lotion is a great product, it not only deeply moisturises your skin but also enhances your natural tanning. After a long day in the sun, your skin can feel dry so applying after sun every night can cool and rejuvenate your body.

Prickly Heat? – Problem Solved

Something that many people suffer from in the sun is prickly heat, it can be very uncomfortable and it can ruin your holiday if you end up spending the week sheltering in the air conditioned shadows of your hotel or villa. Magicool Plus for Prickly Heat and Magicool Plus Itchy Skin Spray are two excellent products to help relieve the discomfort of prickly heat as well as cooling your skin.

Manage Those Nasty Midges

One thing that can pose a huge problem for British Tourists every year is mosquitos and other nasty insects. Insect repellent and cream are things you should never board your plane without! If you are one of those people who reacts badly to insect bites, make sure you take plenty of Piriton allergy tablets with you just in case. We all know how infuriatingly difficult it is not to scratch our mosquito bites especially when are you are warm from the weather. Anthisan Cream will relive the itchiness of insect bites; you should try to apply it as soon as you notice a bite.

If you have any prescription medication, do you have enough to last the duration of your holiday? If not, don’t panic, here at Mistry’s Pharmacy we provide an online prescriptions service so you can order any supplies you need. So be sure you check out our website and make sure you set off for your holiday fully prepared and ready to relax and enjoy your fantastic holiday.