There are so many different creams and balms that are avaliable it's to know what to choose from. But how many drinks are there out there that can essentially banish wrinkles?!

One of the main issues of the use of creams and balm is that when it is applied to the surface of your skin, the deeper layers are not penetrated and are therefore not receiving the attention that they require. Pure Gold Collagen reaches this hidden section known as the dermis which re-activates the formation collgen overall providing a younger look.

After ingesting the supplement, the body digestes into small peptides and free amino acids. These are then absorbed into the small intestine which distributes them to the skin through blood vessels.

Customer reviews have stated that they have noticed a remarkable improvement in not just facial skin but all over their body! It's ideal for anytime of the year, especially now with the central heating creeping up on us and drying our skin out!