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Qvar easi-breathe inhaler 100mcg 200 dose

Qvar easi-breathe inhaler 100mcg 200 dose


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Manufacturer: Teva UK

To purchase this prescription item, you must have a prescription signed by a doctor that is registered in the EU.

Please be advised that prescription-only medicine cannot be paid for using PayPal.

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How do I take/use this medicine?

Use Beclomethasone exactly as directed by your doctor. Do not use more or less than instructed by your doctor.

Beclomethasone is available as different types of devices, such as an inhaler or autohaler.

Make sure you know how to use the specific device or machine you have been given. If you have problems or do not understand the instructions, ask your doctor or pharmacist to show you how to use it.

Always rinse your mouth and throat after using your inhaler or autohaler.

Do not wash or put any part of your inhaler or autohaler in water.

Beclomethasone must be used exactly as directed for it to work well. Continue using Beclomethasone even when you feel better. Do not stop using it unless instructed by your doctor to do so. Your condition may worsen if Beclomethasone is stopped suddenly.

Do not share your inhaler or autohaler with others as it could spread infection.

What should I take note of while using/taking this medicine?

Alert your doctor if you:

- feel worse or if Beclomethasone does not seem to give as much relief as before.
- need more inhalations of your fast-acting bronchodilator daily.
- frequently wake up breathless at night.

If you are also taking oral steroids, do not stop the oral steroids unless your doctor has specifically told you to do so. Your doctor will gradually reduce the dose of your oral steroids when you are using Beclomethasone inhalation. Follow your doctor's instructions carefully.

Your doctor or pharmacist will give you a personal Asthma Action Plan to help you manage your asthma. This plan will outline the medicines you will need to take regularly to control your asthma as well as "rescue" medicine to take when you have a sudden attack of breathlessness. If you have problems or do not understand the instructions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

If you are going for an operation, including minor surgery or dental work, inform your doctor or surgeon that you are being treated with Beclomethasone inhalation. If you have been given a steroid card, carry it with you at all times.

Avoid exposure to anyone who is infected with chickenpox or measles. If you are exposed to these infections, contact your doctor immediately.

Alert the doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do not give Beclomethasone to a child unless specifically instructed by the child's doctor.

When should I not use this medicine?

Alert your doctor if you have or ever had tuberculosis (TB), other chest infections or liver disease.

Do not use Beclomethasone to relieve a sudden attack of breathlessness. Beclomethasone cannot relieve an acute asthma attack. Use your fast-acting bronchodilator prescribed by your doctor to relieve such attacks.

Why do I need this medicine?

Beclomethasone is used to treat asthma.

Beclomethasone belongs to a group of medicines called "steroids". Steroids reduce the inflammation in the airways of your lungs. This helps to relieve chest tightness, wheezing and cough so that you can breathe more easily.

Beclomethasone is a preventive asthma medicine which must be used regularly long-term.

Beclomethasone cannot relieve an acute asthma attack.

What side effects could I experience?

Beclomethasone inhalation may cause sore throat, hoarse voice, cough, colds and headache.

It may also cause a yellowish coating on your tongue and the inside of your mouth. This is a fungal infection known as oral thrush. Rinse your mouth with water after you use Beclomethasone inhalation to minimise this problem.

Alert your doctor if these side effects are severe or if you experience any other side effects.

How should I store this medicine?

Store in a cool, dry place away from the reach of children.

Medicines must not be used past the expiry date.

Throw away the canister after the indicated number of doses is used up.

Can I take/use this with other medicines?

Inform your doctor if you are taking any other medicines, especially those listed here:

- other asthma medicines
- antifungal medicines such as ketoconazole, itraconazole
- antibiotics such as erythromycin, clarithromycin

Always inform your doctor and pharmacist if you are taking any other medicines, including herbal tonics, supplements and medicines that you buy without a prescription.

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