Leaving your make-up on your skin for too long can cause havoc with your skin, particularly if it’s left on overnight. Our selection of make-up removal products here at Mistrys, from the world renowned Estée Lauder, help to remove your make-up quickly and easily without drying out or damaging your skin, as some other removal products may do. All of the make-up remover products that we stock thoroughly remove all make-up with a deep clean that also moisturises and cleanses your skin, leaving it looking soft, supple and revitalised.

The convenient make-up remover towelettes are a simple, portable solution, allowing you to take Estée Lauder’s proven formulas on the road with you, in a small packet that fits easily into a handbag or suitcase. Our range of Estée Lauder removal products can also tackle waterproof and transfer resistant make-up, with special formulas designed for eye and lip make-up also available. 

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Make-up Remover

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